Friday, December 14, 2012

Just when I think I have had enough

of blogging, pour neglected little thing that it is.  I find myself with the urge to shout out to the world and rejoice and lament at the amazingment-ness (ummm sure, that is a word) of life itself.

So here goes..... life just gets

Since my exhibition in June, I have (a) had and recovered from my second eye operation (to remove said fuzzy iris) and (b) been on summer holidays to see the eclipse,  no seriously this is WORTH noting as an achievement. and (c.) had a little melancholic sebaticle from my art whilst adjusting to my new eyesight. 

But then I began to get niggly, titchy, crochety even.  I realised what was missing from my day to day was my paints, my pencils, and my art time.  So like a lightning bolt, sweet serendipity stepped in, and by pure cooincidence that's when I met the some of the darling women of the RQAS (royal Queensland Art Society).  We shared a cuppa, talked much about nothing, and discovered we enjoyed sharing time in each others company.  What stemmed was a brilliant brain wave to have NIGHT time gatherings of art once a week, to chat, be artistic and enjoy the luxury of two or so hours art time.  I was sooo overjoyed by the discovery of like-minded individuals I literally came home and jumped for joy.

Proving in life that nothing is set in stone, but my oh my dear listeners, my stones are finally starting to roll again.

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