about the artist

The art and ramblings of Queensland artist Emma R Ward.  Evolving from crafter 'Emma Rose Art', Emma has taken a leap of faith, opened her heart and returned to her art studio. 

Emma is a self taught artist living and loving in the small town of Gracemere, Queensland Australia. She resides there with her beautiful family; four young daughters, and a supportive husband.

In 2009 after the shocking revelation that her eyesight was deminishing due to catarachts, Emma has once more picked up the brush to discover, and rediscover her passion for painting. With two cataract's removed, and a snazzy pair of glasses, karma has woven her magic spell...

Emma has had no formal art training. Learning visual art's at highschool, then inspired by life drawing classes in 2000 with local artist Brian Kehoe insured a life long passion of drawing the human body, and romantisising the female form. With a distinctive flair, Emma's works often represent beauty, flowers or birds, and her distinctive romantic florish, floaty feminine creatures, and modern vintage style, is sure to capture the hear.

An example of client compliments:

"Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner Emma, I was too busy hanging my gorgeous painting on the wall!" Bec - NSW

"It (the painting) arrived in time for her birthday and she and her partner just love it .... would you believe they got engaged on the weekend and this painting is very symbolic to them. The packing case was amazing – please thank your hubbie he did a fab job." Jill - Qld

"All your artwork on the website is so beautiful"- Courtney - Qld

"Exquisite piece, Emma is the real deal. Took such care with postage" Justine - NSW

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