Tuesday, May 22, 2012

lovers & daydreamers

I have finally taken the plunge and deicided to have a 'comming out' event.  'Comming out' in the sense that I'm going to announce myself to the world as an 'artist'.  It's such a hard word  to say, to put it our there in front of people.  "yes but what do you do for a living?" they might add.  It's true, as history shows us, not alot of artists die rich, nor sane, nor well loved.  But it's my thing, it's what I do regardless of whether there's hundred's of people who will see, or just little old me.  It's what I do, what I've always done, and what I will be doing long aways into the future.  With my bare paint-splatted feet, and mad twists of knotted hair bunned up like birds nests.  With my music playing, and my insence, and my coffee (which from time to time I STILL dip my brush in by mistake).  This is me, warts and all and I'll shout, and bare my soul to the masses.  " I AM an artist" and this is just the beginning.

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V said...

And a beautiful artist you are, from the inside out-paint splatters and all ;)
It was always your calling Em, and I'm so glad you have made it your passion, hobby, job, title :)